Pride Restoration – Cleaning and protecting cedar wood roofs for over 20 years

Pride Restoration agrees that if your roof is made of real cedar shakes or shingles, then you are fortunate to have one of the nicest looking roofing materials currently in use. Cedar wood shingles and shakes are a premium product that costs the homeowner more to purchase and install than asphalt shingles, making your cedar wood roof a considerable investment. And you have probably learned that this investment requires considerable maintenance.

Cedar wood roofs are made from western red cedar because of it’s exceptional properties, including; defect free straight grain, dimensional stability, low weight, impenetrability to fluids and decay resistance.

Pride Restoration provides an extremely safe, cost effective way to clean, restore and protect cedar wood roofs. Visit our Roof Cleaning page to learn more about the process we use to clean and restore cedar wood roofs.

View our video demonstrating Pride Restoration’s roof cleaning services and our method of safely and effectively cleaning your cedar wood roof.

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We are now operating in the tri-state area.   All of our Pride Restoration jobs and technicians are insured for your protection.